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Oh My…CAT! :D I’m gettin’ paid on Wed. xD

I have NO idea what I’m going to do with over $200 (no shit, spend it you dumbfuck  -_-‘..) anyway, rude -.- So I’m getting mah ‘fro cut fuh sho, cuz I’s be tellin’ mah mom ‘n shit an’ she be like “Fine bitch, we’s gettin’ yo hur did on Wensday” lol x) my ghettoness ;D and I’m getting new clothes FOR FUCKING SURE! :D I’m tired of wearing the same shit for school over and over, ugh -.-….I have one follower on this, I didn’t ask her but it was nice, so, yeah. Nice, lonely person here to talk to. That sounded like I was offering myself to some pervy monkey - . -’ lol



I LOVE THEM ALL!!! xD (especially pervy things with Dr. Spencer Reid Cx aka Matthew Gray Gubler ;D)

Here’s my Humanoid CD from 2009 :D still in good condition :D

Here’s a picture of me from that night xD (NOT GOOD AT ALL*except Bill ;D*)

HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! xQ *o* I couldn’t say ANYTHING, and at the end I screamed “THANK YOU!” at Gustav and ran the fuck out - . -’ they must have thought I was weird x( Everyone should understand! I mean, come on! IT’S BILL FUCKING KAULITZ SITTING TWO FEET IN FRONT OF YOU!!!

gOD, he’s beautiful. SEXUALLY BEAUTIFUL xD. He makes me feel so..

So yeah, that’s it for today :). Gotta go to sleep and be ready for another day of work manana ;D

love yah! >3<

one last thing, this ^ is one of my favorite drag queens (yes I FUCKING love drag queens go complain about it up your ass -.- unless you love/like them too, then we coo’ ;D) the name of this queen is Sharon Needles, currently crowned as the next Drag Superstar, from season 4 of Rupaul’s Drag Race)

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posted on August 13, 2012